Debate Debut

Indigo Antio

Indigo Antio

Bradley Watkins, Editor

Debate is an art that some may consider absolutely essential to humanity. It is how we come to many important compromises and decisions in society, which is why Piedmont students sophomore Indigo Antio and junior Babin Mishra decided to spearhead the new debate club here at PHS. Aimed to expose students to the importance of challenging the perspectives of their peers, this club encourages students to view situations from different angles. Through debate and discussion regarding current events and pop culture, the PHS debate club hopes to keep students passionate and focused in their arguments in a positive manner. 

President of the PHS debate club Antio claims the art of debate is extremely important as it “heightens students’ verbal skills in conversation and speech”. Antio believes that enhancing and refining verbal communication through debate “will assist them (students) in the future when participating in public speaking or presentations in their classes in both high school and college.”

When approached regarding the skills necessary to succeed in debate, Antio said, “You need to have confidence as well as knowledge about your topic.” Confidence certainly is key to serving a valid and well-structured argument with conviction. It is also absolutely essential to be well-versed in the knowledge and facts of your argument in order to deliver quick and precise responses to the counterargument and continue to reinforce your argument.

Debate club is a wonderful opportunity to expose yourself to the environment of public speaking and argument. If you possess the skills necessary, or believe you would excel in public speech, contact Indigo Antio.