Women’s Soccer Season 2022


LIlyana Barnett

Junior Abigail Boergert doing squats during weight training.

Lily Barnett, Journalist

The Piedmont Women’s soccer season just started, with the first event being the West Iredell Jamboree on Saturday, February 26, 2022. The team has been coached by Morgan Puente since 2020, and this year’s managers are Reagan O’Quinn and Sofia Rodriguez. 

“This season will definitely be more exciting now that we will have a full season, unlike the past years due to COVID. It may seem like a long season for the girls, but it gives us more time to grow and get better,” said Coach Puente. “This year’s talent makes me excited to coach this group of girls who are all wanting to compete and play their best.”

Puente’s goal for the team this year, both as athletes and students, is to put school first but to grow as athletes. She stated, “As athletes I want them to grow mentally and physically. Mental toughness is what will get us to push in that last 10 minutes for that extra goal. It will allow the athletes to also welcome on challenges within academics and athletics which prepares them for the future and college. The goal this year is to put 100% effort into everything we do: practices, academics, and games.” 

Many players also have personal improvements they are aiming for this season. “This season I hope to improve on my distribution when it’s windy and I hope to be a good leader and friend to all players,” said senior Meredith Colquitt. 

“I hope to improve on my technicals and speed,” said junior Isabella McCall. 

Many athletes are positively impacted by their coach, and the women’s soccer team at Piedmont is no different. Girls of all ages have had a coach at some point in their careers impact them, whether it was in sports or in everyday life. “Coach has impacted me by just being there, whether it’s for soccer or personal things, and it impacted me by knowing that I have someone there for me athletically and personally too,” said senior Makayla Bishop.

Coach Puente has also noticed the way her players have grown. “I think a lot of the younger players on the team got to learn from the older group about how we want the team ran and what we do as a team on and off the field. Setting that level and intention helps everyone see what the bar is and be able to grow on it every day and every season.” 

She hopes that the team can keep up their 100% mentality from beginning to end of the season. “With having a handful of seniors returning this year, I know they have some unfinished business and want to have their best season yet.”