Valentine’s Day!

How You Can Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day


Kerstin Henry, Journalist

Roses, hearts, doves, and big gestures of love, we all know this holiday’s name, Valentine’s day is one of the most cherished holidays in the world. Known by many for its memorable heart-shaped decorations and the stress that accompanies it. As many couples know, Valentine’s day is the day to make your partner feel special by getting them chocolates, jewelry, cards, and other sweet gifts. Yet, to all the “single pringles” out there, Valentine’s day is the one day of the year that they are reminded how single they are. But, instead of the yearly gloom and stuffing faces full of chocolates, this enthusiastic author proposes that this Valentine’s day, stop laying in bed and crying because your crush didn’t ask you to be their valentine. Instead, treat yourself this Valentine’s Day. Because you deserve it!

First things first, self-love. We all know it and may or may not have it. However, self-love, no matter how corny it sounds, is a very important part of your mental health. We have all experienced heartbreak that led to sadness and self-pity on Valentine’s day. This year, we have had enough! Valentine’s day is a day about love, not just for others, but for yourself. Some things to show yourself some love could be as simple as taking a bath, reading a book, or listening to music you enjoy. It’s not difficult to participate in self-care, it’s all about making yourself feel good, no matter what it is. On the other hand, self-love could also be an elaborate event or day just for you. Some women, in fact, approximately 15%, admit that they will or have in the past, purchased flowers for themselves.

In accompaniment with self-care, the stress, and anxiety that follow us around like a stormy cloud over our heads as we worry about the perfect gift for our partner depreciate our mental health. Instead, you should make sure to allow yourself some room to breathe. As many couples know, Valentine’s Day could make or break a budding relationship. However, many are too afraid to ask their partner what they enjoy or would like for Valentine’s Day. Many readers may say “But what if they want it to be a surprise?”. Simple! Ask your partner seemingly simple questions in order to find out what they really want this year. Try asking “You will never guess what I got you!” and whatever your darling responds, is your answer! Or, asking your partner what their favorite flowers or chocolates are can work just as well. This goes to say that spending money or making big gestures of love is not what this holiday is about.

Sometimes it feels like the only way to express our love for our partner is through grand gestures that really show them how much they mean to us. This is simply false. No matter how much money your partner has, it is not about the amount they spend, but rather, how much they believe it will mean to you.
Most often, a heartfelt gift can mean more than silver jewelry and roses. This year, make Valentine’s day about you and your partner. The most important thing about this holiday is love. Not only for them but for you as well. I wish all couples the best of luck this year and hope these tips help you on your journey for love and self-care this Valentine’s day!