YCI hosts a supply drive for Crisis Pregnancy Center

Drive was a huge success!

Dylan Tepera, Journalist

In February 2022, Youth Commission International (YCI) had a baby supply collection for the Crisis Pregnancy Center in Monroe. “We have had way more donations than expected!” said Emma Jean Hampton, a student leader of YCI. YCI has already made one trip to the Pregnancy center and “we have another huge one to make” said Hampton.

Items were brought in during the Baby Supply Drive. (Vicki Braswell)

“We had this donation to show everyone that we need to love our mothers and help others in need around us” declared Hampton. “If we are going to promote women choosing life and adoption for their unwanted pregnancies, then as Christians we should also provide the practical means by which they can better make that decision.” said social studies teacher and club adviser Vicki Braswell. “The Crisis Help Pregnancy Center is the first line of defense for the unborn as they try to offer mothers in crisis pregnancies with some tangible support as well as counseling and parenting classes.”

To help bring in baby supplies, YCI had a baby shower on February 11 at their weekly Friday morning club meeting. “Entertainment at the baby shower couldn’t have been more fun with Emma as the MC. She led the group in a variety of games including ‘Guess the Mystery Baby Food Flavor’ and ‘Blindfolded Diaper Change’,” said Braswell.

“My favorite part of the baby shower was the games we played,” said sophomore Anderson Boyles. “My favorite part was watching everyone enjoy each other’s company and laughing together while doing something we all believe, it’s good fellowship!” said sophomore Makenna Tyson.

“Students were able to participate throughout the month of February by dropping off items into the box near the media center and we have had to empty it out twice so that has been amazing,” said Braswell.

“I wanted to have a few bags of items to drop off but what we ended up collecting was far and above that so the pregnancy center was thrilled and so very appreciative,” exclaimed Braswell, “[the drive] was way more successful than anything we’ve ever done!”

If students still wish to donate, Hampton encourages students to “go and donate on their own!”

Students can donate supplies by dropping supplies off at 480 HELP Street Monroe, NC 28110. The Crisis Pregnancy Center is open to any baby supply donations. Donating online is also an option. Just go to their website and click “Donate.”