Piedmont’s Dancing Through The Decades Homecoming Delayed


Gwendolyn Griffin, Journalist

~ Everything you need to know about Homecoming dance and more ~


Interested in attending the Homecoming dance?  Want to know when it takes place and what to wear?  Need information on what to expect?  Wondering why we celebrate Homecoming?  If you answered yes to any or all of those questions, look no further.

According to Homecoming event planner and student government advisor Annette Harris, the Homecoming dance will be at PMHS in the cafeteria on November 5 from 8:00-11:00 PM.  The dance was originally scheduled for Saturday, October 1, 2022 from 8:00-11:00 PM, but it was delayed due to the unfortunate weather forecast of Hurricane Ian.  

This year’s theme will be ‘dancing through the decades’, and was chosen via vote by Piedmont’s student government.  Those planning to attend the dance can wear cocktail dresses (ladies) or a collared shirt and nice slacks (gentlemen and those who don’t wear dresses).  “I’ve got my disco outfit… we’re gonna be jamming!” said Harris.

Piedmont’s Homecoming court (king, queen, prince, and princess) will also be recognized and have their traditional ‘court dance’ this evening.  Piedmont’s Homecoming Queen is Katie Yarborough, and the King is Nathan White.  The Homecoming Queen Runner-up is Madi Baucom, and the King Runner-up is Noah Brown.  The Princess is Bella Blakeslee, and the Prince is Owen Apple.

Most students plan to attend the dance honoring Piedmont’s Homecoming court, including football player senior Aiden Pitoniak, who said he’s excited for the dance because “it’s gonna be my last one”.

Others, however, like senior Abbie Crowley, will not be attending.  “I went last year, and I didn’t really like it that much, so I just figured I’m gonna stay home,” said Crowley.

Marching band members, such as junior Holden Kiker, suspected they would be unable to go because they “have a band competition that day (October 1st) … so I can’t”.  However, with the new date of the dance being November 5, band members may be able to attend.

Regardless, the Homecoming dance tends to be a magical night full of fun and joy for the majority of students, and guests, planning to attend.  Harris said, “The dance is just a celebration of happy times at Piedmont and making all of our hopes and ideals for fun and celebrating our student body.” It’s a night to relax and have fun with friends, while celebrating Piedmont pride and morale.

So what is Homecoming all about?  Some students, like Willow Craig and Crowley, say it’s about “partying.”  Others, like Pitoniak, believe it is, quite literally, about “football players coming back to play at home.”  Still, there are students like Kiker, who enjoy “celebrating meeting new people.”  Kiker said, “It’s the start of the school year, just to get a chance to know everyone and get comfortable.”

At the core of these differing opinions is one truth, what Homecoming is really about: remembering where your home is.  Harris, who, along with science teacher Britney Forbis, plans the Homecoming dance and pep rally, said Homecoming is about “the spirit of community… we’re (Piedmont High School) your home.  You can go far, far away, but once you’re a panther, you’re always a Panther”.  That is why we celebrate Homecoming.