A Bad Review of Bad Auditions by Bad Actors


Myriam Kebtane, Journalist

On Friday, October 28, Piedmont’s honors theatre class traveled to the Central Academy of Technology & Arts to compete in the North Carolina Theatre Conference (NCTC) high school play festival.

The class had chosen to perform the production “Bad Auditions by Bad Actors” by Ian McWethy, a comedy, which is less likely to be seen in these competitions. 

Benel Quizhpi, a junior, said, “A comedy matches the whole class’s personality,” which is what led to the class’s decision.

Quizhpi said, “We all contribute to having such a good time, and that’s what makes theatre class funny!”

 Piedmont’s theatre teacher and the director of the play Marrissa Hertzfeld, said, “We selected and read so many options, and they [the class] chose this because they loved it.”

With schools from all over the county coming to compete, including CATA and Porter Ridge, Hertzfeld said “My goals were for my students to perform the best they could. We don’t have the resources some other schools have, and our students have not been involved in theatre for as long as some of the other schools.”

 While this was the first theatre competition Piedmont has been in for 7 years, Hertzfeld said “my students win in my book just for taking a show to the festival.”

Senior Alison Austin said, “I’m excited! I’ve never done it before, so I’m looking forward to it.” 

When asked whether the group will do well, Austin responded by saying “Yeah! I hope so!”.

During the awards ceremony on October 29th, Piedmont brought home two distinct awards. Kiara Courtney, a junior, received an excellence in costume design award, while an award for excellence in acting was given to Benel Quizhpi, also a junior. 

The class also performed the production for students and parents at Piedmont High School on November 1 at 7:00 pm. 

“I thought it was hilarious!” said Tara Makenna, a junior at Piedmont. “I was laughing the whole time!”.

With much praise coming from students, parents, and teachers alike, one can say that this production of Bad Auditions by Bad Actors is one for the books.