Students Express Themselves in Creative Writing


Emily Robinson, Journalist

Cat’s Schrodinger


Intomed by freedom’s curiosity

I become what I am not

Complexity found by childhood philosophy

Breath easy from lungs caught

Poison lay untouched in its emptied vile

A perfectly chosen anomia

Mind imprisoned by a lonely trial

Lost by open claustrophobia


Born to Share

      In my poem “Born to Share” I wanted to get across the feeling of a new friendship. I have always been charmed by tangerines and the ability to split them into wedges to share with others, so what better metaphor than that. Friendship grows like a plant, so naturally, it almost has a citrusy taste. Remember to share a snack with your friends.


There is friendship

 In a tangerine

 Sectioned off in a perfect group

 Easily split

 And given to

 Someone who has taken root

 So with this gift

 These roots will grow

 Into the very soul of you

 Until you learn

 The well known truth

 Tangerines are built for two


editors note: these poems were written in Piedmont’s Creative Writing class.