Attack Your Test with the ACT Blitz!

~Everything you need to know about the ACT Blitz~


Gwendolyn Griffin, Journalist

Are you a junior currently stressing about the upcoming ACT?  Wishing you knew better test-taking strategies to improve your score?  Hoping to learn more information about the nearing test?  You’ve come to the right place; this ‘Blitz’ is for you!

The ACT Blitz is an event hosted in Piedmont High School’s K-Building from 8:30 AM-12:00 PM on the Saturday before the test.  All Piedmont juniors are required to take the ACT on Tuesday, March 7, hence the Blitz will be on Saturday, March 4 this year.

Breakfast will be provided for all attendees at 8:30 AM, followed by four intensive training sessions lasting about 45-50 minutes each.  Students will rotate through these sessions to learn tips, tricks, and receive practice test questions that focus solely on the science, math, grammar, and reading portions of the ACT.  In the past, students have made higher test scores as a result of this final extra practice.

Jen Pitt, English teacher and ACT Blitz host, encourages as many students as possible to sign up for the event.  She said the teachers planned the Blitz as, “a way to help students try to reach a higher score,” and to “just try to help them out a little bit.”

Need another incentive?  Principal Dylan Stamey is offering a parking pass for any junior who scores a 19 or higher.  Stamey said, “As an administrative team, we understand there are a lot of mixed messages surrounding the importance of the ACT.  While many state universities and colleges are not requiring the ACT, state legislators have decided to increase the accountability for schools from a 17 to a 19.  The high accountability at the school level directly impacts our published NC School Report Card Grade.  We wanted to incentivize our students to perform at their highest level.  We also know students hate parting with their hard-earned money.  We determined the best way to motivate our students would be to offer a free parking pass for any student that scores a 19 or higher on the ACT.”

All juniors can (and should!) sign up for the ACT Blitz; however, there are only 80 spots available, so the event is run on a first-come, first-served basis.  The link to sign up has been out since Friday, February 17, and was sent out via student email.  Those interested can also find a link on the ACT Canvas page as well as the school’s homepage.