Piedmont High School Prom 2023: ‘A Night of Enchantment’

Everything you need to know about the 2023 Prom, and more


Gwendolyn Griffin, Journalist

Are you a junior or senior interested in attending Piedmont High School’s 2023 Prom?  Want to know when and where it takes place?  Need information on upcoming king and queen nominations?  Curious about catering options and song requests?  Wondering what you should bring with you to the check in table?  If you answered yes to any or all of those questions, look no further.

According to CTE teacher and second year prom advisor, Erica Floyd, any Piedmont High School junior or senior is eligible to attend the event.  Freshmen and sophomores may also attend the dance if invited by a junior or senior.  “You can also invite anyone that does not attend Piedmont as your guest if you’re an eleventh or twelfth grader, but they can’t be over 20 (years old),” said Floyd.

The school’s prom will be held on Saturday, April 29, 2023 from 8:00 PM to midnight in the ballroom of the Union County Agricultural Center.  Tickets were originally sold at $40 for about three and a half weeks.  They are currently being sold at $50 from now until Thursday, April 6, with a week-long break from sales as the students and staff leave school for spring break.  “When we come back, they will be $60.  The $60 will start on April 17 and go through April 28, 2023,” said Floyd.  She looks forward to selling even more tickets and seeing all the students dressed up in their formal attire at Prom.

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The theme of the Prom was recently announced on Friday, March 31 when Seniors received an invitation in their homerooms.  It will be ‘A Night of Enchantment’, beautifully decorated by the Junior Prom Committee, with king and queen announcements being made by Principal Stamey around 10:30 or 11:00 PM.

Seniors voted in home room last Friday, when they received their Prom invitations, to nominate the top three people for prom king and prom queen.  “Then, in homeroom on April 21, they will vote to select the prom king and queen,” said Floyd.  Finally, Mr. Stamey will announce the winners of both elections and crown them at the dance; they will also get a sash.

The event will be catered and is expected to have heavy hors d’oeuvres like finger foods.  “There’s some macaroni and cheese bites that students always love. They have meatballs on a fork that students really love, and they have a lot of great food,” said Floyd.  Many students choose to go to dinner before coming to the Prom; however, if you choose to do this, be sure to keep an appetite for the catered food!

Though the dance is a month away, students are already inquiring how they can make song requests.  Floyd said, “Students can request songs when they’re at prom.  Normally the DJ already has a playlist… but if you have a request, you can always submit it that night at prom… You just go up to the DJ; he usually has someone with him who’s helping him, so you can request it there on stage.”

The final thing you need to know is to bring your digital prom ticket and some sort of photo ID with you to the Prom’s check in table.  “That can be your driver’s license, your student ID, but if you don’t have an ID, you need to come see myself (Floyd) or Mr. Prince so we can take your picture – because we might not be at the table when you’re checking in,” said Floyd.  “Students should have received – when they purchased their ticket – a digital ticket… You have to have those two things – your ticket to scan and… a photo ID, so we know who you are.